Meet Our ‘Hands-On’ Community Manager Tom

We were very fortunate to bring on board Tom Gurney a month ago.  Tom’s our Community Manager and basically makes sure everyone’s happy. Including us.  He’s an experienced chef and dabbles at food styling and photography beginning his career at La Petit Maison in Mayfair. He also is the single biggest contributor to the company swear box.


When did you join housebites?

At the beginning of June 2011

What do you do at housebites?

I am the community manager, I am the point of contact between housebites and our chefs and customers. As the company is so young and small I am involved in many different aspects of the operation but my main roll is as the ‘community manager’ – which at the moment consists of recruiting our chefs for when we get up and running.

Having absolutely no business experience or knowledge my time at housebites has been invaluable, especially as the head of the company is a highly experienced internet entrepreneur and has been very kind and patient in including me in many aspects of starting an internet company. I especially enjoy the variety of working in such a small team and no two days are ever the same.  Its also great to have met so many great passionate chefs and just nattering about food all day, right up my street!

What’s your favourite part of the job?
At the moment my favourite part of the job is interviewing the potential chefs.  I really like to hear about where they have worked in the past and hearing there passion for food and what dishes they love cooking.

What were you doing before housebites?

I was a chef, working for various catering companies as well as doing some food styling for magazines, cook books and tv ads. Having worked various catering jobs from chalet cook to restaurant chef in the four years since I left university I knew two things – I didn’t want to work in a kitchen, but I did want to work in the food industry somehow.

Where are you from?

Near Cromer – right up on the north Norfolk coast.

So what are you doing in London?

I love living in London.  Most of my friends live down here and I love the fast pace of life down here – much more suited to my age than the relaxation of rural Norfolk!

What’s your favourite movie?
The Usual Suspects.

Whats your favourite possession?
My set of chefs knives

Can you wire a plug?
Quicker than anyone else!

Favourite restaurant?

Favourite recipe?
A sage and maple syrup marinade for veal chops that I learned while working at ‘La Petite Maison’

Any tips for housebites chefs?
Listen to your customers – They are the ones buying your food so make sure that your cooking what they want to eat!

Where did you last go on holiday?
Near Malaga, in Spain

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