Housebites – The Movie


A slightly different day for Simon and Tom today as filming began on ‘housebites – the Movie’. Although. not so much a movie, more of a ‘how it works’ video which will go on the home page soon.

The video was shot by the very capable Memo Interactive and was narrated by Tom Price.  You may know Tom as Sgt Andy in Torchwood but his talents don’t end there: He literally finished a 3-week stint at the Edinbrugh Festival Fringe last night, he has a stand-up routine currently touring the UK and still finds time for TV work and running to the Supermarket on a sandwich run for our hungry extras.

The video was shot as a narrative with Tom Price explaining the concept using example chefs and customers.  Tom Gurney, our community manager was shot as one of the chefs.  To confuse things more – our camera man was also called Tom.

We decided upon a real location shoot rather than animations but simple screencasts and graphic effects will be intermingled with the live shots.

We can’t wait to see the finished product which will coincide with the new-look website design currently in it’s final stages.


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