Recipes for Success

Here is Simon talking at last weeks ‘TOMAX’ talk at St Giles in the fields church in Soho.


It was a fantastic event entitled ‘How I made it in Food’.  TOMAX are a two young guys who are organize interesting talks on a theme every couple of  weeks with a few special guests and like to end with a Q&A session and a glass of wine – as they say more interesting than ‘just going for a drink’, and it certainly was.

The speakers included the chef Marco Pierre White, the food blogger Niamh Shields from ‘Eat like a girl‘  and Darren Spence from ‘We are Tea’; and of course our very own Simon Prockter.

The event was a great success and all of the speakers were very interesting and insightful in sharing their journeys so far both past glories and mistakes!  As Simon said we were perhaps a little young to be saying that we had made it in food, but he was very interesting about what he had learned in his other companies.

The speakers then put it to the floor and answered some interesting questions, except for Marco, who was clearly very busy, but good of him to drop by.

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