Housebites – the Party


Last night was the official housebites launch party.  Yes, we know, we actually launched on September 12th.  But we’ve been so busy we kept putting the party off and we finally got round to it.

We held the party in the basement of our offices.  Once upon a time the basement was a club, it’s a bit bare and shabby now but with some dressing up and lighting we made it look like its old self.

We had live cooking from chefs’ Laurent, Lucy and Mehri with delicious treats for all the guests including Lamb Koresh, Beef Stew and Lamb Cutlets with white bean mash.  Laurent also prepared enough chocolate mousse with strawberry caviar for everyone.

Live music was put on by the competent Curious Generation and included two sets  from Javier Camillo and his 4 piece Cuban band.

Guests ranged from investors and suppliers to friends who’ve supported us pre-launch and key people in the London business community.

Full set of photos here


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