What Do We Look For in a Housebites Chef?


Whether by phone, email, twitter or on the street- this is a question that is posed to the Housebites team on a regular basis.

So, what’s the answer?  Well, there are many factors that we look for in our chefs and apart from being based in London, here is a concise list to quell those intrigued minds.

1. Being able to cook

This is the most obvious one.  Our chefs need to be able to knock up fantastic meals in the kitchen.  They do not need to be professional chefs, in fact our increasing team is made up of some ex-restaurant chefs, part times caterers and those that just love cooking so much they want their food to be tasted by the masses.

But the underlying common factor is that they can all cook, and they can cook to the best standard.  (All our chefs have to be given the thumbs up by our taste testing whiz Tom!)

2. Passion, & lots of it

Our chefs need to have the passion to make tasty dishes, on a weekly basis.  Some nights they may get a handful of orders and other nights they might be rushed off their feet, either way they need to be passionately on their feet & enjoying each moment.

3. Business-minded mixed with a healthy dollop of initiative

How much food they buy each week, how many meal choices they give customers, what they price their meals at, how many deliveries they do a night, how many days a week they work…. this is all left up to the Housebites chef.

If they can work all these elements together then it’s the perfect money spinner- and they are their own boss.  No screaming head chef in their ear!

Of course we are here at all times to guide them and get them started- we are their personal walking handbook.  However showing a flare of initiative will without doubt increase the extra cash coming their way.

4. Owning a computer & having the internet

All orders are made and paid for online, once these orders come through they are pinged across to the desired chef & land on their computer screen.  Therefore a computer (preferably a laptop) is essential.

So there you have it.  A concise outline of what we look for in our Housebites chefs.  Hopefully this should quell any pondering minds out there.

All that’s left to do is get involved & join our talented team.  Anyone out there inspiring to join the cooking team, send enquiries HERE.

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