The Delights of Taste Testing Our New Chefs…


So, how do we know that the chefs joining housebites are good?

Well quite simply we make sure that we’ve taste tested a sample of their cooking beforehand.  It’s a hard part of the job but it needs to be done!

We want our customers to have the best and so we make sure of this before we sign up a new chef.

Yesterday gives us a great example. We popped to Stoke Newington for a lunchtime tasting, we arrived and the chef proceeded to prepare, cook & serve up the dish in front of us which was fantastic.

*This isn’t the norm usually, most of the time the dishes are ready and waiting for us on arrival.

He prepared an amazing pan fried fillet of sea bass seasoned with rosemary, garlic & lemon, on a bed of wilted spinach, crushed peas, sauteed spring onions and smoked peppers- all cooked up in about 15 minutes.  It melted in the mouth!!

Earlier in the week we made it out to Harrow to sample a homecooked chicken curry, with fresh ocra, dahl and jasmine rice, followed by a blueberry cheesecake.  Sublime.

It’s pretty rare for the chefs not to pass the taste testing challenge, that’s what we pride ourselves on- that our chefs are top quality whether they’ve had a past experience in a restaurant or just developed their passion while bringing up their family.

One thing I know for sure, if I keep attending the taste testings at the rate we are I will double in dress size.  Not good for the festive party season!

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