Anyone Read Nigella’s Festive Recipes in Stylist?


Sitting on the tube home yesterday I finally had the chance to flick through this weeks Nigella inspired Stylist issue.  And what a treat.

The ‘COOK’ section had me wishing I had some of those dishes waiting for me at home.  Most notably the pappardelle with lamb ragu, nutella cheesecake & cappacino pavlova!  (Yes, that’s my sweet tooth talking now)

I loved the simplicity of the cheese stars, very appropriate- think I might even try my hand at those myself, the perfect little delicacy to take with me to my mulled wine and mince pie drinks evening. Although I may cheat a little and pick up some already made pastry, shhhhhhh!

And there is the Christmas tipple that she offers, although I am not a fan of cherry I think it sounded rather nice.  I’m loving the fascination with ginger ale at the moment so any drink with that in is likely to be a hit.  Quite simply you need Cava, cherry brandy & dry ginger ale, and…..voila your Christmas cocktail is ready.

If you didn’t manage to pick up a copy of this weeks Stylist, I’d recommend checking the desks in your office to find a lonely copy lurking.  Otherwise there is always the Stylist website.

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