The ‘Fry Factor’


Housebites has attracted a few big names to its service but none as delightful as the charismatic writer, broadcaster and knower of everything Stephen Fry.  Stephen ordered last night by his own volition and posted a nice review too.

It’s no secret that Stephen is one of the most influential people in Britain thanks to his 3.7 million (and growing) followers on Twitter and the amusing and loveable style of sharing his life on the platform.  It’s not unheard of for Stephen to tweet the odd reference to brands he’s used but in no way does he use this medium for his own gain.  If he likes (or dislikes) something he just might make an incidental reference. And would you believe it ….he mentioned Housebites!!!

Tried out @housebites last night – – home cooking delivered to your door. Must say I was highly impressed.

We’ve heard stories of servers crashing and websites going down for hours as a result of a mere mention from the wordsmith. Thankfully our servers coped and we welcomed many thousands more visitors to the website than the average Friday. So thank you Stephen and we hope you’ll continue to use the service. A big welcome to our new ‘Fry Factor’ visitors – our chefs are looking forward to sending their delicious food your way.


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