The ‘Ugly’ Food Aisle…


This came to our attention last week & we notice that it’s getting more and more press interest.  Conservative MP, Laura Sandys, is making a stand supporting ‘ugly food.’  Supermarkets refuse to take certain fresh produce if it doesn’t look right & it gets wasted.  Ms. Sandys is wholly against this & wants to prevent this wastage.

Her aim is to create ‘Ugly,’ a brand name for any wasted food to be sold under- her aim is to bring this to certain supermarkets and some smaller retailers & wholesalers.  

The frustration is that the produce that is wasted tastes as good as you’d expect it to, it just doesn’t quite make it to the supermarket shelves purely for aesthetic reasons.  

“You see the most amazing reasons,” Ms Sandys says. “For example, an apple that may not have enough red on one side, or too much green on the other. Why should an apple that has not enough red or green not be acceptable when it tastes exactly the same?” 

Food costs are rising and we should value everything that we produce here in the UK.  We think ‘Ugly’ is a great initiative and we hope Ms Sandys is successful in her plight.  

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