Chef Will’s 6 Nations Empanada Feast….


My love of empanadas developed while I was studying Spanish and Portuguese at university and travelled on my year abroad to Cuba/Brazil. I developed a taste for them in Cuba and then became addicted in Brazil.

 My diet became somewhat like the slim fast plan, empanadas for breakfast, empanadas for lunch and a “proper” dinner (or empanadas). Before you ask this did not in fact lead to my belly looking like an oversize empanada. Unlike many pasties and pies, empanadas are in fact not that high in fat, especially when baked rather than fried. 

Empanadas are a convenient meal that can be eaten at any time of day, on the move or sat in a cafe. The flexibility of the empanada means that flavours can be adjusted to suit the tastes of the customers, with both savoury and sweet versions.   

With this in mind I decided to combine my love of food and sport, and created an empanada tasting platter for the Six Nations Rugby, hoping that this will be a great way to introduce the empanada to more people. 

The tasting platter will consist of 12 empanadas, with 2 from each nation, with the following flavours:

Italy – Caprese (mozzarella, tomatoes and basil)

Wales – Welsh rarebit with Caerphilly cheese and leeks

Scotland – Haggis, neeps and tatties (this has already been taste tested & approved by a genuine Scotsman, with kilt & all)

Ireland – Beef and Guinness

England – Ploughman’s (Stilton, ham, mustard and apple chutney)

France – Steak Frites 

*If you have a special request for a particular flavour of empanada please get in touch!

Order Chef Will’s 6 Nations Empanada platter for this coming weekend & check out his other delicious dishes on offer:

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