3 Month Round-Up!

Although we’ve had quite a few adventures at Housebites over the past few months, we sort of forgot to blog about them.  So instead of backlogging and pretending that we actually did blog, we’ve decided to summarise it all for you in a few little bullet points:

  • 21 new, unbelievably talented chefs recruited
  • 3 new team members appeared (the company pickled onion jar – awarded to the newest member of the team – got shunted around quite a lot)
  • 683725699900 hours spent perving on photos of food
  • 1 exciting new idea: Housebites Plus catering services
  • 642 cups of tea/coffee gulped down
  • 127 Red Bulls consumed (that statistic is totally down to Antonio; he took one for the team, and now has wings)
  • 5 large cakes scoffed
  • 1 amazing launch in Brighton
  • 12 brilliant team ’bonding’ nights
  • 76 minor technical problems (from the girls)
  • 76 minor technical problems sorted (by the boys)
  • 1 large picture of our CEO Simon, smiling out of the Metro at us
  • A lot of Boris Bike rides. No falls (yet).
  • 1 new, yellowing company orchid
  • A batch of new Housebites ‘stash’ (cool, bright t-shirts)
  • 1 six-month company birthday…and another beautiful cake, cooked and iced by Claire:

So Housebites has come a long way over the last few months.  With new people joining us every day, we’re incredibly excited about what’s in store for us in the future.  We want to deliver fresh, quality, home-cooked takeaway to food-lovers all around the UK.

And we can promise that we’ve got some seriously exciting new ventures in store for you all…

2012: it’s a big year for monarchists and sport-fanatics, but we reckon it’s also going to be a big year for food.  Good quality, honest food.

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