“Maille Oh Maille”! Gourmet French Takeaway Weekend is a HIT!

As many of you know, this weekend, Housebites decided to team up with legendary French chef Bruno Loubet and premium mustard brand Maille, to bring you a deliciously original French takeaway weekend!

We were painfully aware that – before this weekend – French takeaway didn’t really exist in England, and even more aware that that really did need to change…  After all, French cuisine is arguably one of the finest in the world, and as Julia Child explained, “In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport”.  How, then, has French takeaway not existed in England until now?!

Culinary expert Bruno Loubet was therefore called upon, and he devised some beautiful Maille-orientated recipes to demonstrate to our chefs, who then spent all weekend re-creating them for you guys to try at home.

The demand for these French meals was massive, and our chefs enjoyed cooking them so much that they’re actually continuing all this week, too.

So through conquering French takeaway, we’ve hopefully raised awareness of the deliciousness and complexity of French food.  But that’s not all; it’s also inspired us to bring many more takeaway cuisines to your tables.  So watch this space, and get excited about the missions and our Takeaway Revolution will be setting us in the future..!

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