Summer Goes To Our Heads…

Summer has officially hit, and we’re a bit overwhelmed by it all here in Housebites HQ.  We’ve found ourselves replacing our usual ‘coffee runs’ for ‘ice cream runs’, gazing out of the window at the blue sky we thought only existed in Fairy Tales, and generally feeling a bit light-headed and giggly.

But it’s OK: our brilliantly level-headed chefs have taken the amazing weather change in their stride.  Unfazed by the fact that it’s currently hotter in England than Hawaii, they have pimped up and adapted their menus accordingly, offering you guys the most fantastic array of lighter, fresher, deliciously summery meals.

Check out their menus if you need proof.  And we might even be bringing in a special, park picnic scheme too… This summer is just getting better and better!  Watch this space!


Proof of yesterday’s ice cream run:

Twisters won the vote hands-down (despite being a lot shorter/stingier than usual), and we all decided that they’re less fun now that they don’t have jokes on their sticks.  If anyone wants to join our campaign to ‘bring back jokes on ice cream sticks’ in the UK, then we’d love the company!

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