“Lovely Jubilee!”

At Housebites, we all got a bit over excited and patriotic  over the Jubilee.  Jubilee puns, jubilee colours, jubilee jokes, and of course a nice smattering of careless jubilee laughter filled the office and overflowed onto the streets of Shoreditch.

But it was our brilliant chefs who made the jubilee for us!!  They went wild on ‘all British cooking’, working flat-out to cook up a delicious range of British classics for Housebites customers to tuck into.  The most popular British dishes turned out to be: Fish n’Chips, Classic British Roast, Steak Pie, Eton Mess, Apple Crumble, Cream Tea, and Strawberry and Pimm’s Cheesecake.

It just proves that all those people who are nasty about British food just haven’t tried the real deal, because a beautifully cooked British meal can rarely be beaten!

But the even bigger news is in fact that the Queen was ‘papped’ indulging in a bit of Housebites over her big weekend…  Even SHE wasn’t able to resist!!

So we hope you all had a lovely Jubilee Weekend (all 4 days of it) and are embracing the 3 day working week… We’re crossing fingers that the Queen has observed how happy the Bank Holiday made all her people, and will use her power to make the 3 day working week law from now on, but we’re waiting on confirmation.

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