Top 10 Cooking Tips From Our Fountain Of Foodie Knowledge, Tom!

Tom is our Head Chef.  When we have cooking worries in the office, we go to him (with a cheesy grin), because he is the fountain of all culinary knowledge.  In fact, if you ever have any foodie problems or cookery questions, then we’re prepared to lend him to you too!  Just send in your worries and he’ll don his cheffy thinking cap, and get back to you with the answers.

But in the meantime, we’ve asked Tom to hit us with his Top Ten quirky cooking tips (to make cooking a whole heap easier). So if you’re wanting to try your hand at whipping up a new dish, and want some insider knowledge, then this might be rather useful…

Tom’s 10 Wisest, Culinary Tips:

  1. Peel ginger with a teaspoon – it’s the best way!
  2. Smash garlic with the side of your knife before peeling.
  3. Use the small end of a pestle for really hard spices like pepper corns.
  4. If stewing, just grate your veg – so much quicker.
  5. Best way to deal with an avocado: cut around the stone lengthways, twist and pull apart, thwak knife into stone and then rotate to remove.
  6. If you want to peel a tomato, cut a cross in the bottom, plunge into boiling water for about 5 seconds, and then into iced water.  The skin should just come off.
  7. Don’t be afraid of using gravy granules in small amounts to enrich a sauce or home-made stock – just don’t even think of making a sauce from only granules.
  8. Cut lemons and limes on the angle, rather than straight lengthways, so that you cut through more of the cells.  This will make them juice much better.
  9. If you have over-salted a dish, you can help to reduce the salt by adding a whole raw potato.  This is because it acts as a sponge… But  just remember to remove it afterwards!
  10. Don’t leave Bananas in your fruitbowl – they will make everything else ripen and rot twice as quickly!

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