Mike Adds a Culinary Tip to the Mix…

Our CTO Mike got jealous that Head Chef Tom was able to steal all the ‘Culinary Tip thunder’, so he decided to add a hot new tip to the mix…

And we’ve now decided that Housebites Team Members are going to keep on adding as many wacky culinary tips as we possibly can, until we stop being inspired.  (Aka, watch this space…)

So here comes Mike’s Lemon-Orientated Tip:

Instead of slicing a wedge off a lemon, and then binning the rest of the lemon (or wrapping it up in cling film and allowing it to become all dry and unappetising), just cut the rest of the lemon into wedges, and put all the wedges into the freezer.  By doing this, you’ve basically killed two birds with one stone, because from now on, you can just plop a frozen lemon wedge into your Gin and Tonics (or other, slightly more exotic cocktails), and it’ll act as both a lemon wedge, and an ice cube.  It’ll make life way easier, and if anyone watches you doing it, you’ll look seriously cool and creative.

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